Facts, lies, and the uninsured: Making sense of Medicare for All

People's World, March 9, 2020

Left-wing “Sinn Féin” wins historic victory in Ireland

People's World, February 10, 2020

"Respect for Graduate Student Workers Act" introduced in House and Senate

People's World, January 27, 2020

The Green New Deal and China's Green Revolution

People's World, January 10, 2020

Winning the Green New Deal on the road toward socialism

People's World, December 13, 2019

Profit problem: If they can’t kill it, capitalists will co-opt Green New Deal

People's World, December 11, 2019

Green public housing: Sanders-AOC proposal targets social and ecological needs

People's World, December 2, 2019

Big pharma’s new opium war: Exporting the addiction crisis to China

People's World, November 22, 2019

‘The Putney Debates’: Let the good of the people be the supreme law
People’s World, August 27, 2019


France’s “Yellow Vests”: Anatomy of a rebellion
People’s World, December 12, 2018

Massachusetts gas explosions reveal infrastructure decay and negligence
People’s World, September 18, 2018

Agrotowns, a Brief History and Review of Resources
International Critical Thought, 8:3, 501-506, Taylor & Francis (Routledge), Sep 2018

Agrotowns could be the way of the future

Morning Star (UK), January 11, 2018

Agrotowns: Ecological pathways to development
People’s World, January 05, 2018

Co-author, Disrespect Today, Conflict Tomorrow: The Politics of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, D. Fraser and Almeida Rodrigues, eds. (Nottingham: Critical, Cultural and Communications Press, 2009)


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